Cookie Policy (Terms & Conditions)

Payment Due

Payment is required at the time your order is placed. This will reserve your pick-up or shipping date.

No show = No cookies

Your cookies are best enjoyed fresh. Not showing up to the agreed upon pick-up time forfeits your order. Need to reschedule your pick-up? No problem! Please reach out 2 days prior to your pickup time.

Weather Clause

If pickup is impossible due to inclement weather, your order will be heat sealed for a later pickup date. Unfortunately, no refunds can be offered due to weather but we will make sure your order is kept as fresh as possible! 


IROL Cookies can offer refunds up to 24 hours after the payment has been accepted. Unfortunately, after that time, no refunds will be given.

Pick-up Dates and Shipping

Pick-up times and shipping date are set upon ordering. IROL Cookies can ONLY guarantee the date we will ship your order with tracking provided. Once it is turned over to FedEx, UPS, or USPS we cannot guarantee “rain, sleet, snow, or hail,” won’t delay your order. 

Ship Shape!

IROL Cookies packages cookies for a rough ride, but broken cookies are a possibility and a non-refundable risk you take when placing a shipped order. 

It’s All Yours Now.

Once you pick-up your order, they are your responsibility. Note not to keep your cookies in the car for errands, place in the refrigerator for any period of time, and carefully transfer cookie packages to avoid breaking.

Change Cutoff

Order changes can be made until one week prior to your pick-up time or ship date. After that, all change requests will be under consideration and a small fee will apply.


Thanks tons for bringing those inspo pictures! They are just that – inspiration. Your cookies may not be perfect replicas but we’ll try to keep it close.

Pictures are worth a thousand words

But they are not always accurate. Colors and lighting in photos may be slightly different than what you may end up with.

Price Adjustments

All prices are subject to change and dictated by ingredients costs. 

Bulk Order?

Due to the custom work required for each cookie, we are unable to extend discounts regardless of quantity. If you have a specific budget you are working with, feel free to let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to offer you a solution that fits your budget

Covid Care

We know that you can’t control when you have come in contact with a person who has Covid, and we want to work with you. Need to reschedule your event? We can freeze your cookies for 2 weeks so you can stay home and rest.